Dear iFARM MANOR community! Our team is finally glad to announce that the Private Sale of IFARM tokens will happen this Monday (04.01.2021) at 18:00 UTC.
The first Round, our private sale will be open for early investors until next Monday (11.01.2021) at 18:00 UTC when the private sale Round 2 will take place on Bounce platform. There will be only one single pool. Be aware of scams and impersonators. The token is not traded anywhere. The real Private Sale will only be available by the official link that will be shared over our Telegram and Twitter channels.

TGE Details

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Dear iFARM MANOR Community,
Thank you very much for your support. We have received a lot of messages and interest from all of you during the past few days and we are proud to tell all of you that the waiting is over! We’re announcing our TGE!

Our IFARM token is up and running, the specifics regarding our IFARM token are as follow:
• Token name — iFARM MANOR
• Token symbol — IFARM
• Contract Address — 0xaa665fc881a87b7b194e7422b22e8e6867dd77d7
• Total supply — 500,000 IFARM
• Token type — ERC-20
• Token initial value — 3.5USDT / 285,714 iFARM=1ETH
• Token Decimals –18
News refering to the…

2020 was a huge year for the crypto space. The year saw the market break above 2017’s Bitcoin price levels and it looks like we are at the start of the new bullish cycle.

Taking the concept of decentralized finance even further is the implementation of yield farming. Regarded as the rocket fuel of DeFi, Yield farming is a practice where you can earn rewards by staking your cryptocurrencies.

All the hype of DeFi soon became a normal part of our lives with cryptocurrencies experiencing mainstream adoption. Substituting that feeling of excitement for something new and unique in the world…


A ideal world, governed by smart contracts

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